Final Interview Information

At last, the final stretch of your long selection journey!

Your final interview will be conducted by an interview panel usually consisting of three members. The structure of this panel may vary depending on the police force that you have applied for. You will receive notification of how your interview panel will be structured.

The interview panel will ask you a series of questions which will test your potential and suitability to be part of the police family, whether that is as a police officer, PCSO or Special Constable.

The questions will be structured around the Police Performance Framework competencies (PPF) and you will be asked four questions to test four of those competency areas.

The interview questions you will be asked will be based around the Competence Based Behavioural Interview (CBBI) method of interviewing. This means that you will be asked to give specific examples of how you have performed in the past in certain job related (competency) situations.

Why is this course different?

Your three trainers all have interview panel experience and have an excellent understanding of the PPF competencies and the CBBI interview method. We understand how to maximise this opportunity and develop your skills.

Our experienced trainers will give you a structured model that you can use to answer your interview questions. We will show you how to choose suitable scenarios based on your personal experiences to use during your interview and how to demonstrate the PPF competencies within your answer.

You will receive half a days training on how to prepare an interview answer and you will be given the opportunity to sit in-front of an interview panel to deliver this. This panel will give you feedback on the delivery of your answer based around the PPF competencies and will also assess your interview style.

We will give you excellent interview hints and tips regarding your body language, image and methods to improve your confidence, reduce stress and deliver your "best performance".

For information on how to book a place, please contact Sue Jervis on 07920 054141 or [Email.]