Fitness Test

Working within the police service can be physically demanding and you will need to have a good level of fitness. You should be able to run for a reasonable distance and although you are not required to be "super fit" the tests are designed to ensure that you can carry out your duties effectively.

There are two key elements to the fitness test:

Dynamic strength – this measures your strength and you are required to do five seated chest pushes and five seated back pulls on the "Dyno machine"

Endurance – this is known as the "bleep test" and requires you to run back and forth along a 15 metre track. Each run should be in line with a series of bleeps which get quicker each time.

If you do not pass this test first time, you can take it up to 3 times.

Vetting, medical examination and references:

It is vital that police officers can be trusted with the sensitive and confidential information that they have access to. Both you and your family will be the subject of reference, financial and security checks. This is to reduce the risk of corruption. This vetting process is completely confidential and the results are not shared with anyone within the police service or your family.

Biometric vetting:

If you are given a provisional offer of appointment, you will have your fingerprints and DNA taken and these will be compared against the police fingerprint and DNA databases for what is known as a "speculative search". This is to ascertain whether you have ever come to the notice of the police for a criminal offence, and to ensure that you are not linked to any outstanding crime scenes and unsolved crime. If you are appointed, your DNA and fingerprints will remain on the Police Elimination Database for elimination purposes.

Medical examination:

After successfully completing your fitness test, you will have an occupational health assessment. It is essential that you are in excellent mental and physical health. Police officers are expected to chase criminals on foot, work long hours in difficult circumstances and engage in public order situations wearing heavy protective clothing. They also have to see and deal with traumatic situations and are often subject to verbal and physical confrontation. This examination will ensure that you are physically and mentally resilient and can endure the demands of the role.

This assessment will include:

  • A hearing test
  • Eyesight test
  • Drug and alcohol test
  • Height and weight measurement
  • Blood pressure reading
  • A respiratory test for those with conditions such as asthma

For information on how to book a place, please contact Sue Jervis on 07920 054141 or [Email.]