The Application Form

Police Recruitment Training offers a unique insight into all of the elements of the police recruitment process.

We cannot stress how important it is to complete your application form correctly, and we will teach you how to structure your answers around the police performance competencies. Knowing these competencies well will give you confidence and assist you at every stage of the recruitment process.

We are unlike other courses in that we dedicate half a day’s training to the completion of your application form and our goal is to ensure that you understand the competencies and are confident to answer the questions. We believe that this is the most important stage of the recruitment process, if you are unsuccessful here, you will not progress.

Your three experienced trainers will be on hand throughout the two day course to offer advice and guidance on the application form stage. Prior to attending the course, you will be tasked to complete an application form question which will be de-briefed on Day 1. During the course, you will also be given other examples to practice and these will be assessed by a trainer.

You will be given great tips regarding how application forms fail so that you don’t make these mistakes.

You will understand the importance of learning the core competencies for the police role that you are applying for and how your application form will be assessed and marked.

You cannot underestimate how long an application form will take you to complete if you want to be successful. If you are unsuccessful at this stage, you will not be able to re-apply to any force for 6 months.

Remember – this is the document that will create that very important first impression.

For information on how to book a place, please contact Sue Jervis on 07920 054141 or [Email.]